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Interactive Intelligence Group

Our mission is to understand and engineer human-agent collaboration. We develop theories, models and methods of interactive intelligence by combining intelligent agent technology, cognitive engineering, psychology, affective computing, value sensitive design and human computer interaction.

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We are part of the Department of Intelligent Systems.
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In the marketing area, new trends are emerging, as customers are not only interested in the quality of the products or delivered services, but also in a stimulating shopping experience. Creating and inuencing customers' experiences has become a valuable differentiation strategy for retailers. Therefore, understand- ing and assessing the customers' emotional response in relation to products/services represents an important asset. The purpose of this paper consists of investigating whether the customer's facial expressions shown during product appreciation are positive or negative and also which types of emotions are related to product appreciation. We collected a database of emotional facial expressions, by presenting a set of forty product related pictures to a number of test subjects. Next, we anal- ysed the obtained facial expressions, by extracting both geometric and appearance features. Furthermore, we modeled them both in an unsupervised and supervised manner. Clustering techniques proved to be ecient at differentiating between positive and negative facial expressions in 78% of the cases. Next, we performed more refined analysis of the different types of emotions, by employing different classiffication methods and we achieved 84% accuracy for seven emotional classes and 95% for the positive vs. negative.