The Didactic Impact of the ETN FETCH Project

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


International Conference on e-Learning, University of Ruse, Bratislava, p.9-16 (2016)

Other Number:

ISSN 2367-6698


21st Century Skills, didactic model, Serious Games, Social Media


<p><em>The ETN FETCH project is about Future Education and Training. One of the goals was to develop new didactic models and to include social media in the process of teaching and learning. Some new didactic models have been developed. We will report about them in this paper. FETCH partners also performed some experiments using innovative teaching models as Flip the classroom and MOOCs. The results are reported at e-Learning conferences. In this paper we will discuss the to be expected impact of the innovative didactic research of the FETCH project in future Lifelong Learning. We describe some real life events underlying the same didactical principles, showing the societal relevance and impact of our developed models</em></p>