CAAF: A Cognitive Affective Agent Programming Framework

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) (2016)



<p>Cognitive agent programming frameworks facilitate the development of intelligent virtual agents. By adding a computational model of emotion to such a framework, one can program agents capable of using and reasoning over emotions. Computational models of emotion are generally based on cognitive appraisal theory; however, these theories introduce a large set of appraisal processes, which are not specified in enough detail for unambiguous implementation in cognitive agent programming frameworks. We present CAAF (Cognitive Affective Agent programming Framework), a framework based on the belief-desire theory of emotions (BDTE), that enables the computation of emotions for cognitive agents (i.e., making them cognitive<em>affective</em>&nbsp;agents). In this paper we bridge the remaining gap between BDTE and cognitive agent programming frameworks. We conclude that CAAF models consistent, domain independent emotions for cognitive agent programming.</p>