Myrthe Tielman

Myrthe Tielman
Member of the Delft Mental Health Computing Lab

Research Interests: My research interests lie on the intersection of humans and technology. I'm interested in how we can employ computers to provide assistance and support for human problems. This includes social systems, affective technology, smart dialogues, knowledge systems and behavioral change.

Current Project: Currently I'm working on the Virtual E-coaching and Storytelling technology for Post-traumatic stress disorder (VESP) project. In the VESP project, we are working on a home-therapy for PTSD patients where they can follow therapy at home with the assistance of a diary and virtual environment. This is challenging though, as recollecting traumatic memories is a crucial part of therapy. In my work, I look at developing a virtual avatar which can assist and motivate PTSD patients during this therapy. My main focus lies on how we can employ the possibilities of the software to provide personalized support and motivation.

Fax: +31.15.2787141
Project website:

Office: HB 12.070
Address: Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft

Startdate: 01-09-2013