Dropout rates of regular courses and MOOCs

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU), Rome, p.9-18 (2016)




Blended Learning., Didactical Models, Dropout Rates, Flip the Classroom, MOOCs


Recently we observe an enormous grow of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). But it proves that the dropout rates of MOOCs are very high. One of the main causes are missing of necessary capabilities of students, inability of students to manage their study and a missing appropriate didactic model. In this paper we compare the dropout rates of MOOCs, regular courses and courses using new didactical approaches as blended learning and flip the classroom. Finally we discuss possible ways how to teach 21st century skills as cooperative working, learning, creativity, networking and how to solve real life problems in a context sensitive approach. Our research findings are based on educational experiments at Delft University of Technology (DUT).