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Here you can find various sets of slides that we have used to teach different courses and tutorials on GOAL. GOAL has been used in both BSc as well as MSc level courses. We've also made assignments that we have used in these courses available below.

Teacher's Note

If you are a teacher and want to use these materials, let us know by sending a mail to We are interested in knowing where GOAL is used in teaching and would like to have your feedback to improve our teaching materials. We can provide advice or assistance where needed. If you would like to obtain the sources of assignment materials or school solutions, also just send us a mail.


First-year BSc Course Multi-Agent Systems

In this frst-year bachelor course we provide seven course lectures about multi-agents systems, Prolog and GOAL. We use SWI Prolog. We do not require students to become expert Prolog programmers but only master the basics needed for programming GOAL agents. Prolog is used to specify an agent's knowledge, beliefs, and goals. Students should be able to write basic rules (including recursion, and negation as failure) in the context of an agent program. We use a "hands-on" approach and provide weekly tutorials and 4 assignments to make sure students apply their newly acquired knowledge and to enhance the learning curve. This year we used a Blocks World for Teams environment as an assignment for programming a multi-agent system. You can download the slides we used to introduce and teach GOAL below. The slides of Lecture 5 and 6 contain feedback on BW4T agents programmed by students which should give you some impression of how students perform when they write their first agent in GOAL (actually they do pretty well :-).

Students were actively supported by student assistants during tutorials while working on several assignments. The assignments for students we used this year:

The BW4T environment is distributed with GOAL but requires that Repast2.0 Beta is installed, which can be downloaded from Repast Download. Note that this is a large file which may take some time to download. Additional documentation on how to install Repast and that explains how to use the BW4T can be found in the environments folder in the directory where you installed GOAL.

First-year BSc Project Multi-Agent Systems: A GOAL Multi-Agent System for Controlling A Team of UT2004 Bots

In this first-year bachelor project students have to program a team of four bots in Unreal Tournament using GOAL. The students are provided with an environment that connects GOAL to Unreal Tournament 2004. At the start of the project students first complete an individual assignment. For the individual assignment they have to write a single agent that controls a bot that needs to collect weapons and other items (foraging task). Thereafter students are joined in groups of 5 or 6 and have to complete a group assignment. The scenario that we use is a Capture-the-Flag scenario where two teams of four bots compete with each other during a 3 minute game. The objective is to capture the flag of the other team as often as possible. Kills and other features also add to the score. At the end of the project all teams compete in a tournament against each other.

We use a web-based project management tool called Trac.


GOAL in the MSc Artificial Intelligence Techniques Course

GOAL in the MSc Human-Agent Robot Teamwork Seminar 2010-2011



AOP@EASSS Agent School 2013

An overview of agent-oriented programming presented at the European Agent Summer School; you can find the presentation here.

AOP@EASSS Agent School 2012

An overview of agent-oriented programming presented at the European Agent Summer School; you can find the presentation here.

GOAL@PRIMA Agent School 2009

GOAL has been presented at the PRIMA 2009 Agent School and you can find the presentation here.


GOAL has been presented at the European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS) 2009 and you can find the presentation here. During the tutorial at EASSS 2009 also an overview of other languages was presented and that presentation can be downloaded here.

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