GOAL Legacy Releases

This page lists all legacy releases of GOAL, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) as published by the Free Software Foundation.


SimpleIDE is a small stand-alone IDE that we provide as an executable JAR. It provides basic editing and runtime capabilities, mostly used by developers of the language and tools (platform) itself for quick integration testing and debugging. This is useful if, as a platform developer, you are working on, e.g., a new KR component or if you are debugging an issue in the GOAL core.

There are two main versions: the latest stable and the latest nightly build of the development version. You can download these from Github:

  • go to the github simpleIDE maven repo
  • click on the most recent X.Y.Z for the latest stable, or X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT for the latest development build
  • download the latest ...jar-with-dependencies.jar file

This file can be executed by just double clicking it (or launching with 'java -jar ...jar-with-dependencies.jar' on a commandline). The latest stable release is also available as a Github Release.


GOAL is multi-platform, and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX; only 64-bit is supported (older versions of GOAL do run on 32-bit). It requires that Java version 1.7 or higher is installed. GOAL has been tested using Sun Java and successfully run on the following platforms:

  • Windows 7 and higher
  • OSX: OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher
  • Linux Ubuntu Trusty

Older and some other versions of these operating systems may also work but are no longer officially supported. We have, for example, been able to run on Windows XP and Windows Vista, OSX 10.6 (Snow) Leopard, Linux Debian Etch, Ubuntu Hardy, openSuse 10.3.

Note that some environments may require the installation of additional third party software. For example, the Unreal Tournaments environment that can be used with GOAL requires to install the Unreal Tournament game. Please check the readme file or documentation that comes with an environment for detailed information.

Note: From release v4715 on, we officially support only (i.e. test on) 64 bit platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, Macintosh OSX 10.6 or higher, and Linux Ubuntu Oneiric (GOAL also runs on other Linux variants but we don't support them).

Note 2: version 4632 and older require 32 bit Java if installed on Windows.

Legacy Downloads and Release Descriptions

ReleaseRemarkTypeDownloadTest Report
goal20140917v8071Last release running on Java 6. Last version with Snow Leopard and Ubuntu Precise support.legacydownload#3243
goal20140911v8029 BW4T3 release -download-
goal20140828v8024 - -download#3169
goal20140515v7699 - -download#3061
goal20140416v7565 - -download#3017
goal20140305v7426 - -download-
goal20140212v7397 - -download-
goal20131121v6871 - -download#2799
goal20131010v6611 - -download-
goal20130905v6428 - -download-
goal20130903 - -download
goal20130711v6123 - -download#2624
goal20130516v5876MAS Project Release 3-download#2498
goal20130502v5818MAS Project Release 2-download#2493
goal20130422v5738MAS Project Release 1-download#2475
goal20130319v5590MAS Delft 2-download#2440
goal20130308v5552MAS Delft 1-download#2415
goal20130212v5484MAS Leuven-download#2398
goal20130122v5387 - -download#2356
goal20121115v5157 - alphadownload#2264
goal20120919v5119 - alphadownload#2247
goal20120830v5054 - alphadownload#2219
goal20120705v4941 - -download#2188
goal20120531v4873 - -download#2169
goal20120419v4715 - alphadownload#2122
goal20120326v4632BW4T2 environment release 5-download#2083
goal20120322v4622BW4T2 environment release 4alphadownload#2078
goal20120321v4614BW4T2 environment release 3alphadownload#2073
goal20120314v4560BW4T2 environment release 2alphadownload#2055
goal20120307v4537BW4T2 environment release 1alphadownload#2042
goal20120209v4409 - alphadownload#2001
goal20110830v3959 - -download#1874
goal20110824v3883 - alphadownload#1866
goal20110818v3818 - -download-
goal20110727v3523 - -download-
goal20110524v3144Unreal release 5-download-
goal20110518v3133Unreal release 4-download-
goal20110517v3128Unreal release 3alphadownload#1757
goal20110510v3115Unreal release 2alphadownload#1746
goal20110419v3051Unreal release 1alphadownload#1703
goal20110413v2980DALT release-download#1675
goal20110323v2796 - alphadownload#1587
goal20110315v2732 - alphadownload#1556
goal20110310v2697 - alphadownload#1537
goal20110303v2666MAS 2011 Releasealphadownload#1523
goal20110216v2555Test releasealphadownload#1498
goal20100927v2141 - alphadownload-
goal20100927v2140 - alphadownload-
goal20100915v2090 - alphadownload#1215
goal20100915v2088 - alphadownload#1215
goal20100901v2044 - alphadownload#1203

2009 ReleasesRemarkTypeDownload
goal20090929v670Classic GOALalphadownload

Release Policy and Testing

The policy for releasing a new version of GOAL is documented here. The test procedure is detailed here.

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