Release 2010/03/23 v 1547.


src/goal/core v1535*

src/goal/kr v1535*

src/goal/middleware v1525*

src/goal/parser v1539*

src/goal/tools v1539*


blocksworld.jar v1513*

elevatorenv.jar v1513*

ElevatorEnvironment.pdf v1413

towerenv.jar v1513*

wumpusenv.jar v1513*

WumpusEnvironment.pdf v1407

bwconfigXXX.txt v1473

kt2010 v1412

GOAL agents:

blocksworld.mas v1473, stackBuilder.goal v1457
blocksworld.SussmanAnomaly.mas v1457, stackBuilder.SussmanAnomaly.goal v1457

elevator.mas v1372, elevatoragent.goal v1057

towerworld.mas v1341, towerbuilder.goal v1410

wumpus.mas v1415, wumpus.goal v1483

meeting.mas v1409, jane.goal v1365, tarzan.goal v1365


GOAL User Manual 1324 20100301

Type: alpha.

Download: goal20100323v1547.jar

Versions marked with * have been updated since previous release.

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