Release 2011/02/16 v 2555.


src/goal/core v2551*

src/goal/kr v2551*

src/goal/middleware v2539*

src/goal/parser v2493*

src/goal/tools v2555*


blocksworld.jar v2359*

elevatorenv.jar v2517*

ElevatorEnvironment.pdf v2348*

towerenv.jar v2521*/p>

wumpusenv.jar v2521*

WumpusEnvironment.pdf v1401

bwconfigXXX.txt v1473

kt2010 v1412

GOAL agents:

blocksworld.mas v1473, stackBuilder.goal v2489*

elevator.mas v1372, elevatoragent.goal v2489*

towerworld.mas v1341, towerbuilder.goal v2489*

wumpus.mas v1556, wumpus.goal 2489*

meeting.mas v1409, jane.goal v2489*, tarzan.goal v2489*


GOAL User Manual 2546* 20110210

Type: alpha.

Versions marked with * have been updated since previous release.

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