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I am a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf in the Department of Media and a guest researcher at the Interactive Intelligence group at Delft University of Technology. With a background in Human-Computer Interaction, my work in the Mixed Reality and Visualizations Lab in Duesseldorf concentrates on user-centered and value sensitive design of human-technology interfaces for healthcare, aging well and digital augmentation of public spaces. I am currently involved in establishing a new interdisciplinary research focus on technologies for people with dementia at the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf. In an internal project we are developing intelligent tangible objects to explore how ambient technology can mediate and support communication, personhood and independence of people living with dementia. In an international collaboration with TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Philips Research I am working on the ACE project which focuses on creating adaptive ambiences (through light and sound) for seniors in care homes suffering from depression or anxiety. Previously, I was involved in several EU projects in the area of ambient assisted living (AAL), among others Care@Home, which aimed at creating a smartTV service platform to empower older adults to live independently in their own homes, while being safe, healthy and socially included.
My research interest lies in creating and integrating methods for accounting for values in co-design processes. This includes value elicitation from the stakeholders as well as explicitly designing for values such as independence, quality of life, personhood. I have co-organized workshops on related topics at Interact 2011 and CHI 2012.
I am currently teaching the following courses:

  • Usability and Software Engineering (responsible lecturer)
  • Design Thinking and Advanced User Interfaces (co-lecturer)
  • Scientific Specialization (responsible lecturer)
  • Project on Tangible Memory Objects for People with Dementia (co-lecturer)

In September 2012 I defended my Ph.D. dissertation on "Designing Human-Centered Systems for Reflective Decision Making" in the area of Human Computer Interaction at Delft University of Technology.

That's what a happy doctor looks like:

In May 2008 I obtained a Master of Science Degree in Interactive System Engineering at the Royal Institute of Computer Science (KTH), Stockholm. From May 2007 to 2008 I worked at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) in the Mobile Life Center in the area of Affective Interaction.

From 2001 to 2005 I studied Computer Science with a major in Media Technologies at the University of Applied Science, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Research Topics I am generally interested in:

Human-Centered Computing

Interaction Design


Value Sensitive Design

Technology to support ageing




Alina Huldtgren,
(previously Pommeranz)
Guest at II section
TU Delft

Mixed Reality and Visualizations
Media Department, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf


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