Koen Hindriks

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Looking for a Project?

If you are looking for a Bachelor or Master Thesis project, on cognitive robotics, cognitive agents, or agent programming, contact me by mail. For inspiration on a specific topic, please have a look at some of my current and past projects here.

Courses that I teach

Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence (TI1906)
A first-year undergraduate course about agent technology and knowledge design.
The Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) project (TI1606)
A first-year undergraduate project where students program agents for controlling individual units in the real-time strategy game StarCraft using GOAL.
The Contextproject on The Meet and Greet Robot (TI2806)
A second-year undergraduate project where students program a Pepper robot to receive guests.
Artificial Intelligence Techniques (IN4010)
A first-year graduate course about Artificial Intelligence.

Many of the sources for these courses can be found here.