Usability Test of a MP3 Player [The test has now been closed and results are available]




Thank you for agreeing to participate in this test. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the test. Please follow them carefully in order  to ensure consistency between the procedure followed by the different testers.


  1. Download/Save the music files and player which are zipped in the file called music (16MB)
  2. Unzip/Extract the downloaded file to your desktop. If you run Windows XP, this means that you click on the music_and_player file with your right mouse button and select "Extract All". This should give you a file called mp3player and a folder called music. Depending on the destination that you have provided, you can find the mp3player and music folder on your desktop or in the folder "music_and_player" (if you don't have an unzip application you can download one here for free).
  3. Make sure that any other music player on your PC is closed.
  4. Make sure that  the volume of your PC is not set to mute, or completely tuned down.


Open the MP3 Player and resize the window of this browser in such a way that you can continue to read the instructions while using the player to complete the 6 tasks specified below. Give yourself a maximum of 5 minutes to complete an individual task, before you move on to the next task. 

  1. Play the MP3 file weep-out man which you can find in the folder music
  2. While playing the weep-out man file, use the MP3 volume control to set the volume  to its maximum, and back again to an acceptable level for you (do not use volume controls other than the volume control on the MP3 Player).
  3. Open all MP3 files in the folder music (note, for multiple file selection press the Shift key when clicking on the files)
  4. Start with playing the MP3 file Avoiding the softness. After 5 seconds, pause playing and  jump to the next MP3 file Hace buen tiempo.
  5. While playing Hace buen tiempo, use the MP3 volume control to set the volume to its minimum, and back again to an acceptable level for you.
  6. While listening to the MP3 file Avoiding the softness, use the MP3 information button on the player to confirm the following information of the MP3 file weep-out man


After completing the questionnaire, please email it as an attachment to or alternatively hand it in at the reception desk of the St John building, or post it to

Willem-Paul Brinkman
School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics
Brunel University,
Uxbridge, Middlesex,
UB8 3PH United Kingdom

Thank you for helping me with this study !


This page has last been edited on 05 February 2007.