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A&A_dataset: The Aesthetics and visual Attention image dataset
EMMA: Database for emotion and mood recognition
i_QoE: A database for individual QoE analysis
SA-IQ: Semantic Aware Image Quality dataset
Perceived Ringing
Eye-Tracking Release 1
Eye-Tracking Release 2
Video Task Effect

TUD Image Quality Database


Subjective data are of fundamental importance to the development of Quality of Experience (QoE) models and metrics. In order to test newly developed QoE models and metrics, their predictive power should be evaluated against subjective data, resulting from perception experiments. Collecting such data is time-consuming, and therefore, costly. As a consequence, the distribution of existing subjective data to the scientific community involved in QoE research is considered highly beneficial. TUD makes the results of perception experiments available to the community via the TUD QoE database.

This database contains subjective data for experiments involving the evaluation of both image and video quality, image aesthetic appeal, user preferences and affective states, and visual attention . Check the "Resources" section of the website to see all the available data and links to related research publications.

This research group is part of the Multimedia Computing Group group based in the Technical University of Delft
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